About Us

Mike Burns founder of Great4Hair started working in the hair extensions industry over thirty years ago when it was still in its infancy. After working with a range of brands Mike set up Great4Hair with the sole aim of bringing premium hair extensions to the market as an affordable luxury.

    We specialise in supplying Transformation Connections, Pre-bonded, Bulk and Weft hair extensions. In addition to supplying hair extensions and accessories we also provide training in hair extension application at competitive prices.

We are committed to the three E’s

  • Genuine Remy cuticle hair
  • We offer high quality training across all hair extension application techniques
  • We offer value for money because we directly source our hair and don’t have to inflate costs to pay any middle men

Our Hair

Remy cuticle hair is the highest quality human hair that you can purchase. It is human hair that has been collected from one person, hair donors simply tie their hair into a ponytail and the hair is cut from the root. The hair is then the full length of the strands, from the root to the end. This process of collecting the hair ensures that all hair cuticles are facing in one direction and are fully intact.

The condition of cuticles is vital to the appearance of hair because cuticles are the protective layer that protects hair and also reflect light-giving you gorgeous shiny hair!

Why work with us?


We only purchase genuine cuticle Remy hair. Many brands supply hair mixed with fibre and animal hair, we use our know-how to ensure all the hair we supply is 100% premium human hair. From root to point our hair is cuticle correct.

Customer service

You will never feel like an anonymous customer. Our close knit team strives to develop good relationships with all our customers so that we can offer advice and assistance at all times.


We prosper when our clients do, so that’s why we keep our hair affordable so that your customers want to come back again and again.


We won't charge you more for lighter colours as many brands do. We offer consistent pricing across all our products; we don't think it's fair to have a different price structure for some colours. Hair extensions can only be a profitable service if pricing is consistent and easy to understand.


We train individuals and teams at very competitive prices. Some training packages offered by competitor brands are exorbitant-with many so expensive they can only be paid via direct debit over the course of a year. Why make such a huge outlay when you don’t have to.


Our beautiful quality hair, excellent training and affordable hair prices means there’s no limit to how successful you can be growing your hair extensions business. Salons in the UK and worldwide are boosting their profits by adding this high value service, work with us and we’ll help you write your own success story.
Put simply Remy cuticle hair extensions -


Most hair extensions on the market are non-Remy. Non-Remy hair extensions are created in a completely different way. The hair can come from a number of different women and can also include hair left on brushes or on salon floors. As you can imagine hair from so many different sources can vary hugely in quality, cuticles are often completely damaged and facing in different directions.

Because the cuticles are a multi directional the hair can often feel rough, to make the hair smooth it is heavily treated with chemicals. Typically the hair is given an acid bath and then covered in silicone to give the hair a smooth and shiny look.

The silicone provides a simulated shiny look so superficially this hair can look like a great choice. But after a time the silicone gradually wears off and the hair becomes matted and tangled and the shine soon fades.
So Non Remy cuticle hair extensions are wearable for only a short length of time because they are prone to tangling and matting and do not retain colour well.

Remy cuticle hair can be extremely expensive because some brands excessively inflate prices for their hair - we don’t.

Buy from us and we promise you value. You CAN buy quality Remy cuticle hair at fair prices. Our clients stay with us because we consistently supply high quality hair at reasonable prices.

Please explore our products and order from us today. www.great4hair.com/shop