Quality that Lasts!

Perfect wefts are developed using loose hair that has been sewn together to form a weft. Perfect weft is made from 100% Remy cuticle human hair giving you quality that lasts.

Perfect weft is ideal for different application techniques including thermal bonding and weaving, if the weft is trimmed off the hair can also be used as bulk hair.

6 Reasons why Perfect Wefts are great...

1. Perfect weft is expertly stitched to prevent hair from shedding
2. Easy to use and versatile - can be used for weaving, taping or clip-in application
3. Lightweight and flat – you hair will never appear bulky. No tangling or shedding
4. Ultimate resilience from the top to bottom
5. Perfect weft hair is silky straight and 20 inches in length
6. Each weft weighs 100 grams; create length and volume with ease


Make your own Clip-in Weft

  • You can make your own Clip-in wefts from the Perfect Weft. We supply clips in a variety of colours and in two different sizes, small and medium. Simply sew the clips into the weft and they will be ready for application. The clips are extremely durable because they are made from stainless sprung steel. The colour is electronically plated to the clips ensuring the colour doesn't chip or fade.

    Our clips have a protective silicone layer which prevents hair damage and guarantees a secure attachment.