The Ultimate virgin hair

Perfectress Supreme virgin hair is the highest hair quality available, for customers with Afro Caribbean or mixed race relaxed hair there is no better choice.

Perfectress Supreme hair does not shed, matt or tangle. When you buy supreme hair you only need to buy once, Supreme hair can be worn for up to two years.

Choose from three lengths 12 inches, 16 inches and 20 inches Instead of buying inferior hair why not make an investment in beautiful with lasting quality.

Why buy Supreme Virgin hair?

  • Lasting quality -Supreme virgin hair can be worn for two years or longer if untreated chemically.
  • Supreme virgin hair is cuticle correct which means hair will not matt or tangle.
  • Style Supreme Virgin is extremely versatile – blow dry, curl or straighten the hair to create your own look and style.
  • We guarantee that the hair hasn't been treated with any acids or chemicals and is as pure as you can get.
  • Bleach or colour your Supreme Virgin hair to create your perfect look.
  • Strong but supple weft won't appear bulky and is easy to use for weaving.

Three different textures available