Add Volume and Length!

Hair extensions are applied strand by strand with the use of heat or through cold fusion application. Our hair extensions are made from finest human Remy quality cuticle hair. Pre-bonded hair extensions will arrive at your salon ready for you to attach discretely to your client's hair. Our exclusive pro-lock keratin bond group strands of hair together to create beautiful pre-bonded extensions which are easy to apply and virtually undetectable once professionally applied. Our pre-bonded extensions can be removed simply using our gentle removing fluid; your client's natural hair will not be damaged.

18 inch / 45cm   20 grams
There are 25 locks in a pack

Popular Choice

  • Pre-bonded hair extensions have become a popular choice with both hair stylists and clients because of the natural finish they provide. By applying lots of fine individual strands to a client's natural hair it is possible to create a free-flowing look where the hair falls and behaves like your natural hair, giving it an authentic, natural look.

Longer Lasting

  • The keratin bonds which bind to the clients natural hair during application process are discrete and completely comfortable. Clients with pre-bonded hair extensions can wash and style their hair as normal without worrying about the bonds dissolving. As long as clients attend regular maintenance appointments pre-bonded extensions can be worn for 2-4 months depending on the rate of hair growth.

You will get beautiful...

Shades – including mixed colours
Natural body texture, giving you straight hair with movement
Length – 18 inches with 25 locks in each pack

The bonds are...

U tipped and easy to apply
Supple - they won't feel stiff
Strong - they can withstand the heat of blow dryers
Easy to remove with our gentle removing fluid

Why train in this technique?

- Safe for natural hair – Our exclusive pro-lock keratin bonds mimic the molecular structure of human hair which makes it less damaging to natural hair.
- Easy application - Hair is pre-bonded and ready to use
- Strong but supple bonds provide a natural look and flat appearance.
- Stylists can create smaller, finer extensions for areas like the temple and the front of the head.
- Hair can be washed and styled as normal.
- Pre-bonded hair extensions can be easily removed by dissolving the bond using a gentle de-polymerizing lotion.

Training takes place for individuals or groups in our central London training centre throughout the year. Stylists will need to bring their own models. The price of training includes purchase of our complete system.