Hair extensions are revolutionising the hairdressing industry. Once the preserve of celebrities, hair extensions are now used frequently by every day women.

Hair salons offering hair extensions are flourishing as clients make repeat appointments for maintenance and additional services like colouring and styling. By introducing hair extensions you can reach out to a new and lucrative customer base. Once trained good stylists can apply hair extensions in around the same amount of time it takes to complete a full head of highlights.

Many successful salons who have introduced hair extensions have seen a huge uplift in their profits.

Can your salon afford to miss out?

We offer flexible training options for both groups and individuals. We give special discounts for group bookings. Training dates are available throughout the year.

We do not charge excessive prices for training because our simple aim is to train as many stylists as possible. We train stylists in the application of Transformation Connections and pre-bonded hair extensions and Perfect tape weft. We can also train stylists to apply hair extensions through weaving.

We offer flexible training options both groups and individuals are welcome and we give special discounts for group bookings. We have training dates available throughout the year and we offer post training advice and support.

Transformation Connections Training

Gold Certification

  • For hairdressers with no experience of hair extensions we offer a 1 day intensive course at out Training Centre in Central London.
    This one-day course will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to offer your clients a quality service. All stylists attending the course must provide their own model.

Course Outline

Introduction To Hair Extensions

The lecturers and trainers will explain the different types of hair extensions systems on the market. So that stylists will be able to confidently answer questions their clients may pose about different hair extension techniques.

The System

The trainers will explain how the Transformation Connection system works and the equipment used. They will describe what each tool does and how each tool should be handled. All tools are included in the Transformation Connections starter kit.

Assessing client hair

The trainers will explain how clients hair should be assessed ahead of application to check that the hair is in suitable condition for Transformation Connections extensions application.

Hair matching

Stylists will be shown how to seamlessly match the clients hair with the extensions. As most clients will have more than one colour in their hair some clients may want to use Transformation Connections as non-chemical highlights.


The trainers will go through the application step by step using a mannequin. Stylists will then apply Transformation Connections to mannequin heads before commencing application on real models. At all times the lecturers will be providing advice and checking that application has been done correctly.

Finally stylists will have Aftercare rules explained and promotional advice will be outline.

After application of a full head of Transformation Connections on the stylists' real-life model, trainers will inspect hair. Once satisfied that the Transformation Connection have been fitted correctly stylists will be signed off as having successfully passed the course.

Stylists who train in this way will receive Gold Great4Hair training certification. The price of Gold Great4Hair training includes the cost of the Transformation Connections starter kit, which contains everything needed to start offering a Transformation Connections hair extension service in your salon.

Silver Certification

  • Hairdressers with experience of applying hair extensions who do not need one-one training can instead purchase a Transformation Connections Starter pack.

    Experienced stylists will be able to learn application simply by watching the DVD and reading the Training manual. Stylists who learn independently using the training materials will receive silver certification.

Ice Bond System Training

Training takes place for individuals or groups in our central London training centre throughout the year. Stylists must bring their own models for training. The price of training includes purchase of our Ice bond cold fusion machine.

Why train in this technique?

  Clients can wear their pre-bonded extensions for 3-4 months
  Hair can be washed and styled as normal
  Cold fusion hair extensions can easily be removed by dissolving the bond using a gentle depolymerizing lotion
  Well known as the 'celebrity' hair extension technique

  Training takes places for individuals or groups takes place in our central London training centre throughout the year. Training includes purchase of our Ice bond cold fusion machine. After training is complete stylists can immediately offer this service.

Hair Piece and Volumizer Training

We provide one to one training in the application of both volumizers and wigs. Our intensive one day course will give you the skills to start offering this service in your salon straight away. Trainers will not only teach the best application technique but also the skills required to assess the best solution for a hair loss client.