Add Volume and Length!

Hair loss can be devastating for many women. Hair Volumizers provide a solution for women who do not want to wear a wig but whose hair is too thin for hair extensions.

A Volumizer is a Hair System specially made to add volume and length to thinning hair. Our Volumizers are made of a stretchable and self-moulding silicone base that allows the Volumizer to be worn comfortably and securely.

Natural hair is drawn through mesh like base, so that ultimately the client's natural hair and the volumizer blend seamlessly. The volumizer is secured in place without the use of glue, heat or weaving. Clients can have total confidence our Volumizers will remain securely on, whether they are swimming or showering. Volumizers are applied without the use of glue or heat.

Volumizers once applied are totally undetectable from your clients' natural hair.

Advantages of introducing a volumizer hair service

  • Easy Solution

    Clients suffering from hair loss who cannot wear hair extensions
  • New Clients

    Develop a new customer base
  • Apply it Fast

    Fast application without the use of glue, heat or weaving
  • Very Strong

    Volumizers can withstand chemical treatments such as colouring
  • Cost Effective

    Cost effective for clients. A volumizer can be worn for up to a year
  • Repeat Business

    Clients who have volumizers must have then refitted every 6-8 weeks


We provide one to one training in the application of both volumizers and wigs. Our intensive one day course will give you the skills to start offering this service in your salon straight away. Trainers will not only teach the best application technique but also the skills required to assess the best solution for a hair loss client.