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Perfect Tape Weft

Price: £29.95

Perfect Tape Wefts - The ultimate re-usable tape weft hair extensions, the best choice for semi-permanent hair extensions.

Perfect tape wefts are guaranteed for 6 weeks and can last up to 3 months.

With our special re-application tape, Perfect tape wefts can be re-applied up to 3 times after the first application.

The weft is ultra fine and transparent and is completelty comfortable once applied.

Each packet of Perfect tape weft includes 8 wefts,which are packaged ready to use.  

Perfect tape wefts are ideal for ladies with fine hair and can also be used to enhance hair colour. To achieve a multi tonal look buy two or more colours.

Perfect tape is available in 18 inches in a natural body texture.

Unfortunately this product is out of stock, please contact us to pre-order.
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