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Custom Hair Solutions
for men

Fully customized solutions to fit your lifestyle Fully customized solutions
to fit your lifestyle

You may be able to find what you are looking for among our ready to wear systems.
Or you may decide you want to choose between a choice of densities and colours and prefer to go for a
custom made hair solution.

GREAT4HAIR Custom and stock wigs have been designed to extremely
high standards. They are light to wear and have a perfect fit.

The skillfully mixed colours result in most natural colouration.
The GREAT4HAIR collection convinces through an extreme variety in style and colour and gives you the freedom to create the right personal style. All products can be custom made or stock delivery in approximately 10 days.

Custom Hair Solutions
for men

Great 4 Hair, custom hair replacement allows us to customize men’s hair systems to your exact
requirements in terms of base size, hair density, hair length, hair volume and grey hair to make sure you get a truly perfect custom made hair system. Check out our most popular custom made hair systems below.

French Lace Hair Systems

The French Lace Hair System is the perfect choice if you want a great hair line. And is very breathable and has a very light and delicate feel to it. You are assured of a completely natural look and its natural appearance is enhanced by the bleached knots we do across the whole front hair line.

The French Lace w/side & Back Poly is a great system for those who are seeking a great hairline and want the comfort, adhesion of a poly perimeter.

The French Lace w/full Poly Perimeter system will be durable, breathable, easy to use and offers extra strong adhesion.

The Invisible Thinnest Hair Systems

The Invisible thinnest skin hair system is made from the lightest, most ultra thin poly graph, which offers the ultimate look for the most meticulous and demanding clients.

The Invisible thin skin hair system is truly undetectable. We use our state of the art injection method at an angle so the hair has great body. The hair system has absolutely no knots as each hair is injected one at a time.

The invisible medium skin hair system is a choice for those who may wear a heavier density and want added durability. As with the other two skin hair systems the adhesion is very easy and will stay on for a longer period of time.

Super Silk Hair Systems

The New “Super silk” hair system w/ a side & back poly is one of the most invisible hair systems available today. The very front ¾ inches is composed to our undetectable Swiss Lace. Then the Swiss Lace is joined by a second layer of silk monofilament. Then each hair is pulled through this second layer one hair at a time. The effect the hair looks like it is growing right from your own scalp. There is no tangling, no knots and the most natural hair system appearance ever.

The super silk w/full poly has all the great benefits of the super silk w/side & back, but provides a more robust hold for travellers and athletes. The full poly perimeter allows you to get the same amazing benefit of the dual layer hair unit, but make sure it stays on for a extensive period of time. The front 1/3 inches is our Swiss lace then joined by two layers and the full poly which is scalloped both sides to make it undetectable to the eye. The hair looks like it is growing right from your scalp, no knots, no tangling and durable.

Light Monofilament Hair System

The light monofilament with a full poly perimeter is the work horse of hair systems. This classic hair system has been a favourite for many hair wearers for many years. We use the latest light monofilament gauge which makes this system which is fully breathable much more comfortable than the old monofilament. Again, if you want a hair system that will last, breath and take a beating this is the one.





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