Perfect Secrets

Ultimate Perfect Secrets Tape Extensions

Tape extensions have rapidly become part of the vast majority of well-liked application methods, thanks to its rapid application time and simple removal process. Great4Hair has introduced the newest innovation in extensions, Perfect Secrets, the 1st tape extension on the market to offer a to a certain extent invisible attachment.

Our hair naturally grows outwards from the scalp, which is why Great4Hair developed the Perfect Secret tape extensions application, which mimics the appearance of hair root growth, blending seamlessly into hair and looks to some extent invisible to the bare eye.

Perfect Secrets are noteworthy for those who already like the glance and feel of Great4Hair Luxury Tape Extensions, and for those with finer or lighter hair.

Great4Hairs finest selection of baby cuticle hair is individually hand-tied into a soft, thin and flexible polymer, which is then pre-taped with a medical-grade gel adhesive that adheres for 6-8 weeks. Each pack of Perfect Secrets tape extensions comes with 20 pieces of hair, including 10 outfacing Perfect Secret tape pieces and 10 inner-facing regular pieces, which sit as the back piece of the Perfect Secrets extension.

Available exclusively in Great4Hairs Ultimate series, Perfect Secrets delivers the same outstanding performance that stylists and clients have come to know of the original tape extensions, whilst offering the most invisible application and superior quality hair for the most natural look yet.